Royal Birth Madness Prince George = Star of David Cosmic Countdown = Everything Starts with the Hydrogen ATOM

A dynamic exists throughout the universe and that same dynamic exists among human beings. I have found that everything in the universe is following the exact same model—and that model can be seen beginning with the hydrogen atom with the Proton, Neutron, Electron which converts to the Trinity or triune expressed in every creation story … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin = Martin Luther King Jr.? New Black Panthers/NAACP Psyops! Who’s Dreaming Who’s Dream?

The 3rd dimensional reality has been established in such a way, that anything that challenges the status quo, is immediately rejected. It makes no difference if the challenge is accurate or inaccurate. What matters to the universal architects who manufactured thought, the thought process and the fabricated mind you think is yours, is so that … Continue reading

Wikileaks Whistleblower, Edward Snowden= Are we Snowed Under?, NDAA Obama wins back right to indefinitely detain

Everything has been constructed in our world systems to completely mislead, misinform and misdirect anyone searching for the truth. Here are a few examples, Edward Snowden described to the Guardian in a video interview, from an undisclosed location in Hong Kong, anyone who is deemed suspicious by the NSA can be painted as a threat. … Continue reading

Cory Monteith GLEE STAR Death Connection to Pacific RIM MOVIE, & Kate and Willam’s NEW Arrival

The power control force or the universal architects or designers are the creator of the world we see, and  they are the same creator that created the world systems to conflict with the natural creation. Therefore everything corrupts or is corrupted and exists within the realm of duality and the illusory death experience. I want … Continue reading

Iron Man 3 movie Connection Nietzsche, Magnetism, Electricity, Electromagnetic Fields and Mass Manipulation

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche  believed the purpose of existence to be the production of a type of all powerful individual, designated by him the superman. This superman was the product of careful culturing, for if not separated forcibly from the mass and consecrated to the production of power, the individual would sink back to the level of deadly mediocre. Love, … Continue reading

Intellectualism and the Art of Conning the Masses into Indoctrination

Intellectualism by definition denotes the use, development, and exercise of the intellect; the practice of being an intellectual; and the Life of the Mind. In the field of philosophy, “intellectualism” occasionally is synonymous with “rationalism”, that is, knowledge mostly derived from reason. Socially, “intellectualism” negatively denotes single-mindedness of purpose (“too much attention to thinking”) and … Continue reading