James Bond Skyfall MOVIE Stuntman Dies? Connection Curiosity Rovers Sings 1st Happy Birthday & 2012 Olympics!

What  causes one to  deviate from the path of truth is the immersion or identification with 5 sense personality and the mind body construct  and thought and the thought process – you are unique . Truth often clashes with what evolution has programmed in us, with survival on the top of the list. For self-preservation/protection, … Continue reading

Oprah’s A Liar Scam in Switzerland = More Ticket sales for Her Upcoming MOVIE The Butler! = Civil Rights March on Washington Black Panthers/NAACP/Trayvon Martin!

The new movie “The Butler” opens August 16, 2013, though it is a panorama that tilts more toward predictability than turbulence, “Lee Daniels’ the Butler” melds two views of civil rights battles: one watchful, the other protest-filled is to hit the big screen right before the March on Washington August 24, 2013. Now apparently Oprah … Continue reading

A Storm is Coming AGAIN? Pole Shift imminent? More Like a Major False Flag Event to COME Masquerading = Doomsday

What is very clear is that some of the main story lines  are not changing that much that is the ones that have not come to fruition but just keep resurfacing again and again through the media it’s called subliminal suggestion just on steroids = intensification more  specifically pertaining to the Last Days: the Rapture, … Continue reading

Elysium Movie Connection to Lion’s GATE Portal=Birth of Venus, Star of David Cosmic Countdown connection to Sirius Star System = Humanities Cosmic Rapture

I often look to the movies for clues as to what the power control force are feeding the masses through the medium of big-scale cinema. Through the dying movie industry the archetypal storytelling is at play again, Elysium opens 8-8-2013, here is the story of a movie we have seen a million times before!  Set in … Continue reading