Katy Perry’s New Album PRISM, GAGA’s NEW Album ArtPop out 11/11/13, Secrets of the Universe, Light is a LIE Designed to Manipulate your Essence

We’ve been manipulated into believing we’re merely our physical and emotional/spiritual body, responding to the stimulus of this 3rd dimensional realm. Everything within this 3rd Dimensional space is divided light and light is energy. Now  divided light creates a rainbow. Everything physical is formed from this rainbow in some form or another. That is everything, … Continue reading

Death of Princess Diana connection Roman Cult of Diana? Earth Life Likely came from Mars? NASA calls an Asteroid Bennu? Why are billionaires racing to explore NASA Asteroids?

The movie Diana is coming out this month September 20, 2013 this year being the 16th anniversary of the Death of Princess Diana, interesting that this movie should come out weeks after her grandsons birth! oh and apparently an article came out today on CNN “Newly revealed conspiracy claim in Princess Diana death sparks talk” … Continue reading