Comedian Robin Williams New TV SHOW “Crazy Ones”, Connection to Russell Brands Revolutionizing Consciousness? Illumination? Thought, Energy and the Light Illusion!

Waiting for something to occur that is outside of self, whether it is a future date, like the return of Jesus, the arrival of extraterrestrials, or some global transition, like the end of the world or a golden age of light, I believe, is to totally miss the opportunity we are being provided with. The … Continue reading

Comedian Russell Brand=Revolutionizing Consciousness, Obama’s Brain GAME! Aleister Crowley=Great Beast 666?, Who’s Dream are you DREAMING?

Now remember the universal architects who designed this universe and call themselves GOD, have captured you  as awareness and have you living in a mind-generated dream world constructed from the ‘individual’ and collective beliefs that have been socially induced by those who control the 3rd dimensional system that would be the power control force.  Once … Continue reading

New Movie Gravity = Awareness Ultimate Reality, US Gov’t Shutdown = America is Closing for Business? Statue of Liberty Shutdown = Big Apple of Discord

The only way to be unaffected by the illusory devastation that is being delivered to humanity under the guise of the Armageddon,  judgement day and to keep from experiencing an emotional collapse, is to come out of the socially induced hypnotic trance state that most of humanity believes as living the good life. Now to remain … Continue reading