Astral Astrology,Human Consciousness, Earth Dynamics, Solar Cycle 24, Grand Mutation 2020

We are in the midst of a series of Uranus/Pluto hard aspects from 2012-2015. The most recent and midpoint the 4th of these 7 hard aspects being November 1, 2013. Historically, this series of aspects usually precipitates revolutionary changes. This is because Uranus, the planet of eclectic, sudden, revolutionary change, makes hard aspects to the … Continue reading

Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, 2014 Sochi Olympic Torch Ritual, Crown Chakra, Kundalini, The Impact on an Evolving Human Species

According to these eastern traditions, Kundalini is a psycho-physiological mechanism in the human body which, when activated, can bring about heightened states of mental functioning such as genius, creativity, inspiration, revelation, mystical experience, and paranormal faculties of mind. It may also, in cases where the process does not proceed in a healthy way due to … Continue reading

Dr. Who, J.F. Kennedy,Huxley’s Brave New World 50th Anniversary, V for Vendetta, Russell Brand, Revolutionary Subliminal’s!

If a species does not support its own divine spark, keeping itself above a defined level of complexity, the spark will naturally move to other species that can satisfy the minimal level of functionality, useful to the conscience to evolve in an active way. It is not a religious or moralistic condition, but a principle … Continue reading

Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Nov 3, 2013, Lunar Tetrad 2014-2015, Humanities Grand Mutation 2020, Comet Ison, Astrological Celestial Markers, Solar Activity,Consciousness and the Soul

The eternal body of wisdom that you are as unique awareness, never dies and is not carried away to some far off heavenly shore. Awareness stays right here, in it’s original state and takes back all the power that was so cruelly manipulated out of its reach through hypnosis. The soul includes the body you … Continue reading