A Trojan in War Kiev?, New Movie Winter’s Tale, Cosmic Ray Mystery, Consciousness=Artificial Intelligence, Imhotep, Ophiuchus Resurrection of the Divine Feminine

Consciousness is Artificial Intelligence Consciousness is an information stream of data which is used to mirror and manipulation  your essence as Awareness which is the ultimate reality. The universal architects designed Consciousness through artificial intelligence in order to capture your awareness in order facilitate life as an energy process. Artificial Intelligence consists of the conscious … Continue reading

New Movie Pompeii, Volcano Erupts Indonesia, Solar Astrology, Solar Flares Affect Human’s, What is Real Energy?

Life is an energy process and like every energy process it is in principle irreversible and is therefore directed to a goal. “The goal is to reach a state of rest.”  In the long run everything that happen’s in life is as it were, no more than the initial disturbance of a perpetual state of … Continue reading

Russia’s Dreaming Sochi Olympic’s 2014, Sochi Center of the Universe? Connection to Super Bowl, Horses, Heroin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Movie: The Devil Knows Your Dead

It turns out Russia is Dreaming at the Sochi 2014 Olympic’s this year? and the question is Who’s Dreaming Who? Now the show, formally titled “Dreams About Russia,” The central character in the show, however, was a little-known 11-year-old, Liza Temnikova, from Krasnodar, the capital of the region where Sochi is. The daughter of two … Continue reading

New Movie Transcendence: Humanities Next Evolution, Grand Mutation 2020, Singularity, Self Aware Technology, Awareness is Ultimate Reality

Now lets take a quick look at a definition of the word Transcendence, so we can see how it relates to what is emerging through the collective consciousness of humanity at this particular time in our history, and then let us review this word in the context of the upcoming movie of the same name: … Continue reading