Deconstructing Consciousness, Rosetta Comet =Rosetta Stone Decoded=Connections to Symbols of Solar Worship, Comet’s Ambition Landing=Power of Your Mind

It is important to note that to impress the ignorant masses with the belief that the scriptures were literal histories, and the incarnate Saviours real personages, the ancient Astrologers caused tombs to be erected in which it was claimed they were buried. Such sepulchres were erected to Hercules at Cadiz, to Apollo at Delphi, and to other … Continue reading

Deconstructing Consciousness, Astral Worship=Astrology, Pope Francis= Ophiuchus The Serpent Holder=Secrets of Kundalini

Whoever controls your history controls your consciousness and your Kundalini, therefore you must become the master controller of your consciousness. While it is true that modern Astronomy has superseded the ancient system of Astrology, and while people have ceased to believe that the stars are intervening in mundane affairs, nothing could be further from the truth. … Continue reading

Deconstructing Consciousness, Solar Activity = Movie “Knowing”, Antares Rocket Crash= Virgin Galactic Crash = One World Trade Center Opening=Signaling Grand Mutation 2020=Evolutionary Impact

On October 19th, 2014 we had from monster sunspot X solar flare 2192, the same day Mars and comet sliding had their near miss? I found this funny the article below sates “While harmless to people on the ground, these intense outbursts repeatedly interfered with precision navigation and high-frequency radio systems “for tens of minutes” … Continue reading