Decoding Consciousness, Dwarf Planet Ceres=Financial Astroid, The Greek Myth Global Minotaur=V for Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis=Future of Greece?, Financial Markets Look Bearish 2015, Thanks to the Shark’s in our Midst!

I wanted to make some more preliminary connections I have been making over the past week, since my last post on procession of the Equinoxes and the interesting leap in consciousness to take place March 24, 2015. I have been looking into events that may be unfolding on the physical world stage that may be … Continue reading

Decoding Consciousness, Movie Knowing, Real World Events? Eluding to Your “Knowing”, Capsule’s in TIME?, Taipei River Ariel Cataclysm, New York Subway HELL Crash! Chinese Year of the GOAT=Baphomet?

If you remember at the Super Bowl halftime Katy Perry Sang the Song “THE MORE YOU KNOW” which is really a reference to your state of your con-scious-ness, that is how much you can be tricked and deceived in your current state of ego consciousness through knowledge. You see this system of consciousness uses knowledge … Continue reading

Deconstructing Consciousness, New MOVIE Jupiter Ascending=Harvesting Earth’s Energy, Juno Asteroid Goddess of Relationships, Why Katy Perry’s and Rihanna’s fixation with”Shark’s”?

The fictitious reality the power control force is perpetrating on the masses is truly written in the stars, therefore let us cipher some more morsels, so that we can make sense of the overall narratives and scripts playing out on the physical world stage which are facilitating the intensification of madness that is ensuing on the … Continue reading

Deconstructing Consciousness, Katy Perry/Super Bowl XLIX, connection to Corona Borealis -Alpha Star System = The Kundalini Baptism by Fire Ritual

As we go through accelerating pioneering changes which were planned over a 100 years ago to coincide with planetary geometry and procession of the equinoxes, keeping your sanity in the midst of massive changes will be paramount. Are you curious as to why the Super Bowl February 1, 2015, was hosted in Arizona? well as many … Continue reading