Decoding Consciousness, GermanWings Plane Crash, Co Pilot Andreas “Illness” Connection to New Movie San Andreas, and the Schumann Resonance Now at 16.32HZ?

I wanted to make some definitive connection to the negligible leap in consciousness. It turns out investigators will now be looking to see if the apparently deliberate actions by the Germanwings co-pilot were inspired by any other recent disasters including the ongoing mystery of Malaysian Airlines MH370 so the plot thickens………. It turns out a … Continue reading

Decoding Consciousness, Movie The Forecaster connection to Financial Market Manipulation, Shemitah Prophecy 7 year Cycle”=Economic Collapse “Harbinger” False Flag?

I wanted to make some more connections as we traverse this physical time and space continuum This is a new movie that is opening in the European market this month of March 2015.  Now here is how the story goes it turns out that MARTIN ARMSTRONG, was once a US based trillion dollar financial advisor, … Continue reading

Decoding Consciousness, Rare Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015,Oscar Movie Birdman,Apple Watch=IGNORANCE of TIME , Rothchild=Solar Equinox connection to Financial Markets

As Many of you know Birdman starring Michael Keaton, was the Best Picture award winner at this year’s Oscars (2015). Now it turns out that Birdman opens and closes with a mysterious sequence involving a big fireball streaking across the sky. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), commonly referred to as Birdman, is a 2014 American … Continue reading