Deconstructing the Primal Act of NATURE, the Division of Unity=The Sacred Geometry of Zero to One, Tech Titan Peter Thiel = The Path to Eternal Knowing and Truth?

The word Nature means ‘that which is born’, and all birth into nature requires this crossing of opposites. So the square came to represent the earth, and as such symbolized the conscious experience of finite existence, of what is born into Nature. Peter Thiel a tech titan who is molding and shaping reality as we see it … Continue reading

Deconstructing Consciousness New Movie: Time Lapse Connection to B.B King Death?, King of Consciousness is a Machine=Video Game, The Reality of NOTHING?

Time Lapse is a sci-fi thriller and the feature film directorial debut of Bradley King, which opened in theatres May 15, 2015, one day after B.B. King the legendary blues singer dies. The connection they both have the same last name and the movie release is one day after B.B. King’s death. Finn (Matt O’Leary) … Continue reading