Deconstructing Movie Inception, Subtle Etheral Consciousness Opening of the “Divine Feminine Portal Dreaming Through the Cosmic Heart

True balance in physical life is the act of bringing essence into materiality and this is what the power control force are attempting to circumvent and they do this through their inception programming whereby they board your vessel with your name and birth certificate and all their institutional programming and then insert their culture as your operating system which we gleefully allow them to board our vessel and then we board one another vessels through the lower three chakras.

Have you ever seen the movie Interception? Well even if you have take a look at the short trailer as it describes beautifully how the power control force board each and every human vessel so that you create their dream.


Inception is a 2010 science fiction heist thriller where Leonardo DiCaprio plays a professional thief or extractor”, people who perform corporate espionage using an experimental military technology to infiltrate the subconscious minds of their targets and extract information while experiencing shared dreaming. As an Extractor he is offered a chance to have his criminal history erased as payment for a task considered to be impossible: “inception”, the implantation of another person’s idea into a target’s subconscious mind.

You see  the power control force in a nutshell create the world of a dream they specialize in one type of security that is subconscious security allowing them to take full control of your ability to dream, they board our vessel at birth and bring us into their dream and they fill the dream with their secrets and then we fill the dream with our secrets and this creates a parasitic bond which is designed to create the world of their dream in order  to keep you disconnected from your essence and they do this by keeping your essence immersed in the lower three chakras  by cutting you off from your heart chakra which allows you to access your essence and titillate you with their spiritual enlightenment program of ascension through the pineal gland and crown chakra and while no one every attains enlightenment this way people still this is the path to essence and while it is a titillating path for so many it keeps you immersed in the wheel of time and space the left had path to the chambers of death  and so through all their institutional programming once the power control force board your vessel the subconscious mind virus proliferates throughout your whole body so that you become a host or ghost or gait as you traverse through the  life and death program which gradually consumes your essence as we board each other which creates a parasitic exchange of relating that we become a food source for each other. The dream feels very real while we are in to then it’s only with awareness that we begin to feel that something is actually very strange about the dream and then the dream starts collapsing and then the question becomes do you have it under control that is as the dream collapses before your five sense perception of reality are you choosing life or are you choosing to stay in the dream and continue to create the world of the dream?.

You see the only way out of the dream of your designers the programmers of your reality is through the access point of the heart which allows you to experience subtle awareness which allows each of us to exist in states of ecstasy and bliss allowing each of us to make these states a part of our everyday ordinary reality. You see with the opening of the heart chakra we can encounter the experience of essence in physicality and while the experience is subtle it is deeply rewarding.

However with hundreds of years of left brain analytic mode of consciousness most people are not accustomed to subtle states of awareness.  The heart has a tremendous impact on our ordinary reality, but this information is kept hidden by getting us to focus on the third eye and crown chakra activation which does not allow for our essence to take residence in physical form that can only happen through the portal of the heart.

Therefore opening the access point to subtle awareness through the heart chakra must become a regular practice, that is the esoteric and subtle states of human awareness can be easily comprehended with accessible examples drawn from your own experiences.

Now it  time to expand the definition of what it means to be human as our heart holds the key about subtle consciousness and access to our essence allowing each of us to experience essence in physical form. The time has come for each of us to exist in states of ecstasy and bliss while integrating our essence into our everyday experience.

Because the heart is both a cosmic centre and earth centre as it resides in the middle of our body where essence and our physical unit exist. Once the heart is open and through the full purification of essence guiding our actions in physicality is ensured, and the heart opens once we learn honesty and integrity through clearance of the solar plexus, which allows feelings to originate directly in the heart.

However before the heart chakra opens feelings are actually coming from the lower chakras as the power control force can only board your vessel from the lower three chakra, the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. In fact the root chakra is related to sensuality and for a healthy relationship sensuality cannot be contained it must be spontaneously released which is what creates merging therefore by controlling the lower three chakras, the power control force keep you disconnected from essence as they cannot board your vessel through the heart chakra or the higher chakras, this is how they keep you disconnected from and essence and separate from others. Therefore the heart will not open fully if you are lying to yourself and others, and if you are manipulating or controlling others.

Therefore the key here is you are to get essence to rush upward from the earth chakra (grounding) through the root chakra (trust) and through the solar plexus which is your seat of power. It is in the solar plexus that your essence will begin to accelerate at the heart independent of a third party intermediary like the power control force, as the heart burns and purifies the last of our resistance to essence once essence consumes the heart through purification of the kundalini serpent energy (interference pattern), which keeps you locked in your 3rd dimensional consciousness prison of time and space. This process imprints every cell in your body allowing essence to take up residence in your biological vehicle. With the opening of the heart chakra the telluric energy of the earth actually can be felt sucking up through our lower chakra allowing essence to reside in the heart chakra while loving every cell in your physical body this is the ecstasy the euphoria I speak of.

The heart chakra opening is a signal of “radical embodiment” allowing your essence to take up residence in your biological vehicle which is the most exquisite experience available on earth now. The integrity of a person with an open heart is always astounding. The solar plexus and rook chakras are the seat of present life abuse complexes and uncleared trauma which is the contents of the subconscious mind, which creates distortions in how you perceive your five sense perception of your 3rd dimensional reality. Those lower chakras are the primary location of physical response to life, and when purified of present life abuse complexes and uncleared trauma from your past will allow you to explore subconscious or ethereal realm allowing you to mold and shape your reality instead of the reality that is being spoon fed to you by the power control force which has hijacked your subconscious mind while inserting all their abuse programming in order to keep you from the knowing and truth of who your are.  Therefore when you purify the subconscious mind then the location of “feeling response”  moves into  the heart and you are able to feel more freely and respond in the moment.

Since the solar plexus is the seat of the emotional body complexes that need to be cleared before the power of your essence can be accessed, these emotional body  complexes cloud your perception of reality and relationships until they are cleared that is your emotional body complexes Therefore people with uncleared sexual and solar plexus complexes respond strongly to pornography, abusive sexual practices, fantasy, and manipulative relationships as the root and solar plexus chakras clear the potential exists for relationships based clearly in the heart for the first time.

The heart chakra is most intimately connected with relationships for the issues of the heart, love, compassion and dedication are clearly those involving other beings. Like the root chakra and the sacral chakra, the heart chakra is experienced very physically and it is possible to actually feel the heart opening as your essence flows in, and as the heart is first opening, boundary difficulties are often encountered due to intense feelings that are beginning to flow out. You may feel like you are not able to go into crowds because of the swirling energies flowing in and out of the heart, as you may be touched deeply by those around you for example seeing a lonely elderly person, or an impoverished person or an adorable baby, or you may burst into tears for no reason just as you are going about your daily life. This is because the heart is opening and the heart feels intensely in a way that is very similar to the sacral chakra which melts during orgasm, the opening of the heart is very intense, and therefore we want to learn to work with the heart in a healing way, this is why the core theme work and the journey into the heart work are two therapeutic modalities which I offer to allow that heart to open in a gentle and safe manner so that essence can experience itself through you.

You see feelings are the only point to heart chakra blockages and sexual dysfunction is the natural result of distorted kundalini energy moving out of the root chakra as the sacral and solar plexus are the first feeling centres, therefore when your root chakra is activated through sex it activates the solar plexus chakra and why fantasy can activate a sequence of abuse programs in men and women that causes rape- sex used as violence since the solar plexus chakra is the seat of anger and frustration which can erupt in violence from an unconscious individual with a blocked solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Therefore as the heart becomes the feeling locus it is natural that the genitals can become initially less responsive, but when the feelings come from the heart sourced in the feet, genitals and in the gut, that is once the energy is reorganized, responsiveness returns, even more enhanced as a total body reaction. Therefore if you have a mild to severe impotency in men or women will be a result of not wanting to seek life energy or your essence over giving into deathly tendencies and becoming aware of your lower sexual interest is  important because without awareness it is a sure sign that you have unconsciously choosing the power control force death program and will show up in your personal relationships and life experiences.

It is crucial to understand that it is because you are in the process of reconnecting with the feminine side of yourself that is bringing awareness to your the patterns of relating so that you can stop abusing yourself through the mirror of others actions, allowing you become a fully integrated and whole being by learning how you feel from the heart rather than your genital abuse patterns alone.

It is important to note that when you are plagued with extremely locked in feelings, the rushing electromagnetic flow of the heart opening can trigger heart trouble. If miner heart weakness is detected it is important to slow down, walk swim, and pay attention to your breathing, lose weight but do it gradually, drink less alcohol and do acupuncture.  If major heart weakness is detected be sure you are monitored regularly by a physician, and if you have gotten a physical and your heart circulatory system is healthy then when you experience fluttering of the heart as you feel essence rising in your physical vehicle you won’t necessarily go running off to emergency as this is about a subtle energy shift that is going on within you. Therefore Journey into the Heart is a useful tool to help you open your heart, because the more you can feel intensely, the better, because once the energy flows through your solar plexus and heart, you will spontaneously process childhood trauma issues locked in the lower chakras but more importantly it is time to cry and allow yourself to enjoy all your new feelings. Tears release the heart and reenergize it, and the extra water flowing in the body keeps the heart cool enough so it can process and synthesize your essence in physical form.

Be aware that if you currently find yourself receiving sudden new creative insights like acute feelings about nature or mystical ideas, as you are on the verge of a whole new life if you are on the verge of a whole new life if you can just let go and allow essence t course through your body without resistance. After years of control, now it is time to let go. Negotiate your “Journey into the Heart” with awareness, as the rewards for feeling and experiencing life through the heart are expansive, creating a sense of freedom from the ethical dilemmas and the ultimate freedom from emotional murkiness.

In closing it truly is about taking back your power, in order for you to create the ultimate bond with yourself and others that are free and spontaneous through the realization that you can trust yourself in relation to self and other whereby letting go of your need control those you love, allowing you to create new and deeper relationships with self and other as a result of an open heart chakra as you mature into and bring into manifestation essence in physical form allowing you an opportunity reach a new dimension of femininity.


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