New Movie Star Wars the Force Awakens, Dismantling the Kundalini Phantom Process, Transmuting the Heart of Essence

In the ancient Chandogya-Upanishad, one of the earliest esoteric scriptures of Hinduism, the transcendental Self is said to reside as the inner light, in the region of the heart, according to Mahayana Buddhism, Gautama the founder of Buddahism, awakened to the enlightened condition as he, after another night of watchful meditation, raised his eyes to the sky where he perceived the morning star.

Gautama reference to the morning star is Venus which symbolizes the Clear Light or the universal reality beyond all forms. It is this clear light of Venus that the Tibetan Buddhist masters admonish the faithful to keep their attention during the death process or the experience of light as the universal constant of spiritual and mystical experiencing. It is also associated with the ascent and descent  of the kundalini power. It is no accident that the highest mystical realization is generally referred to as illumination or enlightenment. Mystics and realizers of all ages have spoken of the radiance aspect of their spiritual state which was a literal experience for them. The experience of inner light is also an integral part of Shamanism.

Thus the  Eskimos know of a mystical condition that they call Quaumaneq, meaning lightening or illumination without which a man cannot become a shaman. The strange light fills the shamans head and body, and it is thought to enable him to see at great distances, in the dark, and even into the future.

Northwest Botswana is home to the Ikung people who dance for many hours in order to heat up the n/um sot that the !kia state can be attained. n/um is analogous to kundalini. !kia is the condition of transcendence, this state goes beyond peak experience, in which the ordinary waking consciousness is temporarily transcended to make room for ecstatic feelings (highs) in which the whole being participates consciously or supra-consciously in the larger life which is thoroughly transformative. The !kia condition is thus similar to Zen satori or certain forms of Indian Samadhi. The !kung tribesmen who are initiated in the secrets of n/um are taught how to arouse the power and concur fear in order to  encounter the face of the tremendous inner force that threatens to eclipse his sense of self. Once he has crossed over the threshold of fear, he enters the !ikia state. At the height of the !kia state, a n/um master can perform a variety of extraordinary feats, such as curing the sick and handling and walking on fire. He may also develop remote vision, or he can really become himself again, implying that these different paranormal abilities are natural human capacities.

The upcoming Movie Star Wars The Force Awakens is a subliminal reference albeit a movie; to this purificatory kundalini process that is possible in the quickening of time and linear space in our 3 dimensional reality. The force aka Kundalini, serpent energy or the feminine force (distorted or course) being a reference to your ESSENCE as nothing!


The movie opens in North America December 18th, 2015 and if we look at sidereal astrology Uranus is opposing Venus a reference to the meaning the rebirth of the morning star Venus, that is your essence in through the heart chakra and this happens through what many call the rising of Kundalini which is the energetic nature of human beings and their relationship to the subtle  currents that obscure the ability for your essence animate and vitalize your living form.

In the trailer to the movie it states:

 Who are you? I am no one!

I was raised to do one thing, but I have nothing to fight for!

” The Force is Calling to you”, “Just Let it in!”“>

In Gopi Krishna’s (1971) appraisal of Kundalini. He wrote:

The mechanism known as Kundalini, is the real cause of all so-called spiritual and psychic phenomena, the biological basis of evolution and the development of personality, the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and science, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths, past, present and future.  

Unfortunately the true meaning of the FORCE is key to biological cycles and is hidden from us, through movies and scripts that proliferate the world dream created by the master dream creator and therefore by design the FORCE as it where is dealt with only at psychological levels and yet  the FORCE is embedded in cycles that for the most part hidden within the planets in solar system through the backdrop of the stars and because there is a war on consciousness by the control system most of humanity is not attuned to the astrological cycles and their implications for understanding the process of Star Wars at play in the universe all designed to keep humanity from the know and truth that growth and transformation is a natural part of the life cycle.

When we view the molecular and cellular structure of the  body as complex patterns of frozen light or compressed miniature energy fields, we come to realize the systems such as acupuncture meridian system, the chakra system, the etheric body, and the emotional, astral and mental bodies, form a complex energetic network that feeds life energy to the cells of the body in a highly specialized ways. The meridians are linked to a specialized, holographic energy template known as the etheric body, which provides structural pattern information to the cells of the body during growth and development from the embryonic state all the way through adulthood.

The subtle life energies that flow through the meridians are of subtle magnetic character, in addition these energies are negatively entropic in nature (meaning they create order from disorder). The chakra system is linked by special channels that travel the length of the spinal cord. In the yogic and trantric traditions, Kundalini is referred to as the serpent energy because it is sleeping like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, waiting to strike forth. In reality, kundalini energy, the serpent energy in it’s current form is corrupted by the power control system it is a corrupted impure by product of your essence which is the true life force; however because the power control system have been able to keep humanity sequestered in the negative vibratory frequency in it’s coiled form at the base of the spine of which we call Kundalini, is in fact in its’ state of dormancy is designed to keep each of us  from knowing essence, when it ascends the spinal pathway of as most of our chakras are blocked with distorted energy patterns thus for many activation of the major chakras becomes a spiritual emergency, rather then an escape from your prism or enlightenment system, because the power control force corrupt your biological vehicle with numerous programs which causes resistance and obstructions because individuals have not dealt with particular emotional and spiritual issues associated with their blocked chakras. Therefore the kundalini energy will continue to hammer away at the areas of resistance until the individual either resolves the block emotional issue or begins to manifest physical symptoms in the particular chakra associated body region.

If we take a look at the astrological timing of kundalini ascent, the theories of Dr. Percy Seymour postulates that astrology is based on magnetic influences upon the body. specifically related to solar magnetic activity in relation to the planets in the solar system. According to astrological theory, major events take place when planets are in unique geometric relationships to the Sun, especially with respect to their original positions during the time of birth. Seymour’s research suggests that there are major magnetic fluctuations in the solar magnetic field during particular geomagnetic configurations of planets (such as during oppositions, squares, conjunctions). It is suggested that the fetus is influenced by the earths magnetic field at the time of birth. According to Seymour, activation of the fetus ‘s sensory system during the birth process causes the fetal nervous system to integrate a type of geomagnetic coding at a cellular level . The earths magnetic field is indirectly influenced  by the solar magnetic field.

Dr. Percy Seymour Magnetic Theory of Astrology 

In examining Seymour’s theory of solar magnetism as a mechanism to explain astrological influences on human behaviour and emotions, the life energies and subtle matter that guide the physical body are actually magnetic in character and this subtle magnetism is different then the magnet and iron filings variety of magnetism. in fact it is difficult to measure, however subtle magnetic fields has biological effects similar to conventional magnetic fields. Thus chakras are actually spinning magnetic vortices made up of this subtle magnetic energy, and that at the time of birth each chakra becomes encoded  with a particular subtle magnetic orientation which makes up the astral and emotional body.

The magnetic chakra vortices may become locked into a specific magnetic orientation at the moment of birth. The magnetic influence that creates this orientation comes from the subtle magnetic fields of the planets in our solar system. Each spinning planetary body is like a subtle magnetic vortex in space therefore just as human beings have higher subtle bodies, so do planets have etheric, astral, and higher subtle bodies as well.  In addition each of the major chakras are responsive to a single planet in the solar system depending on the geometric configurations at the time of birth. This would mean that different planets have their strongest effects upon particular chakras in the astral or emotional body.

According to this theory, the magnetic orientation and responsiveness of the astral/emotional body and its chakras become fixed at the time of birth by the subtle planetary fields. But the sources of magnetic influence in the astral chakras, the planetary vortices do not remain fixed as the planets continually move in cyclical orbits around the sun. As the planetary vortices move throughout the solar system, they produce a direct albeit subtle effect upon the astral/emotional body of the individual.  Therefore when the planets reach a  particular geometric position relative to earth  that is the same as during the birth time, there is a reactivation of the same magnetic pattern in the resonating chakra causing a cascade of energy transfer from the astral to etheric and down to the physical body.

The so called Saturn return, Uranus opposition and Chiron return is cause by each of the planets returning to the original birth, or as with Uranus the planet comes in opposition to the original position in the sky thus energetically influencing the individuals multi dimensional energy system. Therefore what we see is that there is an energetic coding that takes place during the time of birth which occurs at the level of the chakras in the subtle bodies. The coding energy is geomagnetic. solar magnetic, and subtle magnetic influences from the planets in our solar system which create the astrological influences upon human emotional energy patterns and that these energetic influences are maximized at times of key geometric planetary arrangements.

That being said our essence is always aware of this programmed agenda that is structured in terms of timed learning experiences at key energy intensity points  in our lives. This hidden agenda has to do with becoming highly conscious as essence, spiritually aware beings who are able to physically manifest our inner potentials. Astrology helps us to identify individual energy intensity points in the life cycle by interpreting the coded symbolic meaning of these intensity points. In identifying their encoded meaning we are given assistance in terms of directions and approaches that will help us to best assimilate these intense life experiences, while utilizing them to to transform ourselves through the powerful energies of change that are part of  our transcendence of this system of consciousness if we decide to chose that path or not it is available to all.





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