David Bowie Album “Blackstar” Connection to Planet X, Einstein’s Gravity Waves,Newton and the Superbowl50 Believe in the Love of Black HOLES? Transcendental ATTITUDE Adjustment?

It was Einstein who created¬†the¬†theory of relativity, who became the vehicle for establishing through his life what was released as a transforming universalizing impulse at the Uranus/Pluto conjunction before his birth in the last 2% of Aries in 1851. Uranus and Pluto came together in Virgo from about 1963 through 1968, with the exact peak … Continue reading

SuperBowl 50th Brings the Love?Close Encounter Marco Rubio=Martian President?,The Psychophysiology of Mars

As a species we are immobilized in our present condition by an alignment with enormously powerful negative attractor energy patterns, which are consciously set in motion by the power control force through their scripts and endless narratives. Moment by moment unbeknownst to most of humanity each of us is suspended in a state of evolution … Continue reading