Prince=LOVE Symbol= Planet Venus, Purple Rain =”The Kid” the connection to Baby Doll’s?, Elevators and the DEVIL symbol of LIFE=Planetary Alignment Earth-Sun-Venus June 7, 2016

On June 7, 2016, would have been singer/song writer “Prince’s” otherwise known as the Love Symbol,  is his 58th Birthday. Venus as you  know is the goddess of love.

love symbol

The Love symbol is a reference to the planet Venus, Venus will make a superior conjunction with the earth, a heliocentric alignment on June 7, 2016 that is the Sun will between the Venus and the Earth on this day.

From 1993 through to 2000 Prince was known as the artist formerly known as Prince, and he identified with the love symbol Venus. It’s all about thinking in new ways, tuning in 2 a new free-quency,” Prince wrote in a statement at the time.

June, 2 2016 marked the evolutionary leap in consciousness I have been speaking of for the past few years now. Prince’s death is a symbol of human consciousness transcendence into the heart as the primary lense of perception although few will be able to understand the higher level meaning. Prince is most likely the most significant STAR who occultly fits symbolizes the ascension process we are all undertaking into the heart Prince changing his name to the symbol of LOVE or the planet Venus is simply a reference to heart consciousness if you are able to get the higher level meaning.

If you remember prince died in an elevator, elevators are a metaphor for LIFE! the music executive revealed on CBS This Morning on Friday that Prince did not like elevators and pointed out that he even included the lyric, “Don’t let the elevator bring us down,” in the 1984 song, “Let’s Go Crazy.” a song from his Purple Rain album.

Reid also recalled that Prince once brought up elevators to him in conversation. “One time when I was with him privately, he said, ‘You know what the elevator is, right?’ I said, ‘No, what’s the elevator?’ He said, ‘Well, the elevator is the devil,'” Reid shared. “It scared me. I don’t like to talk like that, but he said that. So, for me, it was like really haunting when I read that he was found in an elevator.” Truly the Devil is a reference to the power control force (those that presume to run our artificial reality world.

Let’s go crazy is a song from princes movie/album purple rain, which means subliminally that one can succumb to the energies that will rain down from the heavens and go crazy just a subliminal message in the song.

Purple rain

Or as “Purple Rain” is a reference to the crown Chakra, and the planet Neptune in relation to the LOVE energies or frequencies that will rain on humanity during the time of June 2- June 7, 2016 and onward allowing humanity to wake up to the truth of their essence which is truth all seeking ceases once one awakens to who and what they are as essence as essence resonates at the vibrational frequency of truth.


The planet Neptune dissolving, inspiring and imaginative force, and during these upgrades the energies will enhance inspiration, ideals, dreams and vision, as well as  improve inner visualization and artistic expression.  You may feel a sense of wanting to cultivate a sense of universalism and idealism that inspires you to move in new and uncharted territory in your life. You also may feel an urge to improve your capacity to see behind veils and facades, so that you can dissolve boundaries and to see and hear beyond the semantics of word and language. You even may feel a sense of improved meditative abilities, or the capacity to have your mind be at rest, allowing you to merge in consciousness with others and one’s surrounding allowing you to improve social morality and spiritual awareness.

You may have a fear of intimacy, or to merge with others, this might be because you are in the process of dissolving aspects of ego but may have you feeling disorientated or feeling lost, creating a temporary inability to realize greater universal or cosmic self.

Many of you are realizing to what extent you are lost or find yourself  in a dream world, unrealistic, living in illusion, self-deception, confusion or behind a veil or mask with an  Inability to discern what is truth at times because  Fear does not reveal self to you, or give you the capacity to look at or see a transcendent truth that underlies your true nature. You may feel impressionable, lost in following others, or you may find yourself indulging in the paranormal or phenomenology of consciousness, martyrdom or savior complexes abound the tapistry of life, avoidance, seeking escape is the norm as we peel away the known and wonder into the mystery of the unknown.

Acute: Addictions, drug abuse, especially hallucinogenic drugs, alcoholism. Blocked vision, eye problems (cataracts. myopia, etc). Narcosis and narcissism, these are some of the attributes of Neptune or that purple rain, which attunes us to  Pineal, Eyes, vision. Inner vision (third eye). Brain Center: Frontal Lobe.

Also note Prince’s movie/ album which came out in 1984 just a subliminal reference to George Orwell’s dystopian book, 1984.

The movie Purple Rain which was released in 1984, is where Prince played a quasi biographical person called Kid, showcasing Princes talents. Kid is a subliminal reference to the constellation Capricorn  a”kid” is a baby goat. I believe a reference to the leap in consciousness in 20/20 with Saturn Jupiter and Pluto alignment for those who embrace their evolution through this system of consciousness and for those who don’t kid is a reference to those who will remain in a childlike state forever lost in ignorance forever forgetting who and what they are.

Australian singer Kylie Minogue says, ‘It was a dream come true’: Kylie Minogue reveals she and Prince recorded secret song Baby Doll together as fans hound the Australian songstress to release track. Notice the connection with Kid the character Prince played in the Movie Purple Rain and and the song that was never released called Baby Doll?, Baby Doll is a subliminal reference to a return to our innocence in remembrance of who we are, or it is a reference to one who remains in ignorance in this system of consciousness, however the choice is ours to make.

baby doll

If we remember in my last post I spoke of David Bowie’s last album black star


Black star is a reference to Prince or the Love Symbol Venus, prince is a black star no pun intended. Venus makes the sign of the star in the sky as the pentagram. The quintile 72% aspect is the first aspect in the evolutionary series of astrological aspects. It is produced by dividing the whole circle of the astrology wheel into five segments. This operation results in a pentagram or five pointed star. This stand as the symbol of creative man like prince’s movie purple rain which highlighted his talents of creative expression.

The five pointed star is a reference to man’s starry astral being. In traditional symbolism the star is considered in two aspects one is the upward pointing star, and the other the downward pointing star. The latter identifies with the fifth limb with the sex organ through which the power of biological generation. The former identifies with the spiritual power of creative mind centered in the head, the power of utterance, the power of the word.

The upward pointing star thus emphasizes the connection between human mentality and the function of imagination. In the down pointing star imagination arouses and sustains the generative functions in the realm of material production and pleasure. it symbolizes creation and building for their own sake or under the spur of material goals which ultimately leads to self destruction. it leads to self destruction because the generative power of life or material productivity belongs to involutionary no evolutionary process.

Ultimately when we can each reach the level of the pentagram true human potential is achieved that being said the pentagram which represents Venus represents  LOVE which radiates from the heart centre and so when we move into the heart as our primary mode of perception whereby relegating the the ego as the secondary lens of perception. We will transform into a dynamo of pure potential operating and creating at a whole other level this is why I say it is a glorious time to be alive.







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