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My New DeepTruth Media Website Latest post! Physical World Time Shift to Become a Sovereign Lucid Dreamer with Venus Conjunct Regulus September 20, 2017

Please join me at my new deeptruth website Here is my latest post! I will no longer be posting here so please join me on my new website! Thanks!   Never before in human history have we been able to experience the physical world as a lucid dream. A lucid dream is a dream during which … Continue reading

Prince=LOVE Symbol= Planet Venus, Purple Rain =”The Kid” the connection to Baby Doll’s?, Elevators and the DEVIL symbol of LIFE=Planetary Alignment Earth-Sun-Venus June 7, 2016

On June 7, 2016, would have been singer/song writer “Prince’s” otherwise known as the Love Symbol,  is his 58th Birthday. Venus as you  know is the goddess of love. The Love symbol is a reference to the planet Venus, Venus will make a superior conjunction with the earth, a heliocentric alignment on June 7, 2016 … Continue reading

David Bowie Album “Blackstar” Connection to Planet X, Einstein’s Gravity Waves,Newton and the Superbowl50 Believe in the Love of Black HOLES? Transcendental ATTITUDE Adjustment?

It was Einstein who created the theory of relativity, who became the vehicle for establishing through his life what was released as a transforming universalizing impulse at the Uranus/Pluto conjunction before his birth in the last 2% of Aries in 1851. Uranus and Pluto came together in Virgo from about 1963 through 1968, with the exact peak … Continue reading

SuperBowl 50th Brings the Love?Close Encounter Marco Rubio=Martian President?,The Psychophysiology of Mars

As a species we are immobilized in our present condition by an alignment with enormously powerful negative attractor energy patterns, which are consciously set in motion by the power control force through their scripts and endless narratives. Moment by moment unbeknownst to most of humanity each of us is suspended in a state of evolution … Continue reading

New Movie Star Wars the Force Awakens, Dismantling the Kundalini Phantom Process, Transmuting the Heart of Essence

In the ancient Chandogya-Upanishad, one of the earliest esoteric scriptures of Hinduism, the transcendental Self is said to reside as the inner light, in the region of the heart, according to Mahayana Buddhism, Gautama the founder of Buddahism, awakened to the enlightened condition as he, after another night of watchful meditation, raised his eyes to … Continue reading

Deconstructing Consciousness and the Myth’s of Distorted Feminine Face of the Astrological Asteroid Goddesses Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena, Vesta, and the Asteroid Goddess Astraea in the Reclamation and Reconstruction of the Archetypal Divine Feminine Essence

This New Moon and lunar cycle in sidereal astrology November 11- December  10 Moon is in Libra, as we traverse the celestial waters we here tune into the higher order of what is unfolding within your divine blueprint so that you what transcend this system of consciousness in order to come into alignment with your … Continue reading

Deconstructing Movie Inception, Subtle Etheral Consciousness Opening of the “Divine Feminine Portal Dreaming Through the Cosmic Heart

True balance in physical life is the act of bringing essence into materiality and this is what the power control force are attempting to circumvent and they do this through their inception programming whereby they board your vessel with your name and birth certificate and all their institutional programming and then insert their culture as … Continue reading